How can we
help children
love reading?

There are studies that recommend “increasing pupils’ motivation for reading by increasing their confidence as readers” (see Reading literacy in Ireland in PISA 2018: Performance, policy and practice, page 150; full paper here).

An effective method of increasing young readers’ confidence in themselves is to choose texts appropriate to their level of comprehension. In Romania, there are no series of publications for school reading whose content has been assessed at the level of text complexity.

LEMIis the first digital tool in Romania to assess the linguistic complexity of texts for school reading, drawing on research methods from the fields of corpus linguistics and information technology.

LEMI is part of the project Reading for Me. Science for Children – LEMI, coordinated by the West University of Timisoara, Romania. LEMI’s main goal is to stimulate interest in reading among pupils in grades 0-IV (ages 7-11). The project period is January-November 2023.

See the project objectives here.

The activities of the LEMI project (Reading for Me. Science for Childrenare supported by the grant AFCN / Administration of the National Cultural Fund within the session I/2023), area Promotion of Written Culture, no. P0299/10.02.2023., awarded to the West University of Timisoara for the proposal submitted by the project coordinator, CS II dr. Habil. Madalina Chitez.